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A 10-year-old boy waited outside the locked doors of a school breakfast program. The program was to start at 8:15 and the child stood outside at 7:15 in the dark, in the cold and alone. He explained he had not had any food on the weekend and was hungry. Could he please have some food? This child inspired the launch of the Food4Kids program.

The reality of child hunger became clear through this experience. A steering committee was formed in March 2018 to determine the need and scope of developing a weekend feeding program for at-risk children within Mississauga.


Now Food4Kids is available in Mississauga.We follow a strong program that started in Hamilton and Halton and is available in 6 regions, including ourselves. 


A program model was developed with a focus on 3 distinct areas:


1. Food provided in food packages would be healthy

2. Each child in the home would receive their own food package, to ensure nourishment of all children in the home

3. To ensure a non-stigmatizing process to distribute food packages to participants 


Established in April 2018 our program now supplies 240 healthy food packages each week to 8 schools in Mississauga.


We need your support to expand the program to meet the needs of the community for each school year. 

He arrived at school each day 
with just one piece of white bread
that was moldy

I never thought our family would depend on others for food

"I never thought our family would depend on others for food. With a medical problem, I had no choice but to quit work. As a single parent raising 2 great kids, there is barely enough money for rent, little money for food and absolutely no money for extras. When the school asked if I would like to involve my kids in the Food4Kids program, all I could do was cry. Knowing my children have food brings comfort. The fresh fruits, soups and healthy snacks are appreciated. Thank you for this service. The volunteers at Food4Kids are angels."

— Parent

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