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Summer Program

Because graduating into highschool does not necessarily mean leaving hungry weekends behind.

Highschool Initiative


Having facilitated Food4Kids for the past 6 years, our kids are now graduating from elementary school to High School.


Graduating into High School does not mean they are no longer living in poverty, and experiencing hunger.

We piloted a program in 2018 with two Hamilton High Schools. Referred by office and teaching staff students considered the most impoverished received a package of food for the weekend. 

The impacts were astounding. Of the 60 student participants, each shared stories of how food access from Food4Kids impacted their lives. 

One student explained his mother, in her final stages of cancer, could not afford to feed the children. This 16 year old is responsible for food shopping and feeding her two younger siblings. When food is scarce, she goes without.

This is one of the 60 students receiving assistance from Food4Kids.


It is our hope to secure funding to allow expansion to additional high schools in the 2018-2019 school year.

he was simply chronically hungry

"He was in my office almost every day for behavioural issues in the classroom as well as fighting and bullying in the schoolyard. Once he became involved with Food4Kids, he was not in my office again. Our interaction was a high five in the hallway. The issues dissipated. He was simply chronically hungry."

— School Principal

He arrived at school each day 
with just one piece of white bread
that was moldy
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